PAOLO GRECO to score movie ‘Backseat Fighter’

Paolo Greco will be scoring this art-house thriller together with Martin de Aguirre. The film is written and directed by Mario Pagano and features FOX TV Homeland actress Martina Garcia.




Mark is a fighter who is taken in the backseat of a car to fight in underground combats. In his way, he meets Sandy, a young and beautiful prostitute. Both share the same desire: forget the pain and begin their lives from zero. Mark it’s just about to run into his past again and Sandy, his escape plan and all the people who surround him will be in danger.



IVÁN SÁNCHEZ as Mark (Leading Actor). The leading actor of the movie is Iván Sánchez, with a long career in Spanish TV as a leading actor in “Central Hospital” or “Hispania” His succes in the Latin American TV began with his character “El Gallego” in the series: “La Reina del Sur” Another of his work in a TV production is in “La tempestad”. Recently he has open the doors of the USA Market participating in “Crossing Lines” an NBC TV series.



MARTINA GARCÍA as Sandy (Leading actress). The leading actress of the film is Martina García, which has ten films awarded in the most important film festivals around the world. Martina has worked with directors as Alejandro Gonzáles Iñarritu (Amores Perros, Babel), and she has been part of international series in Colombia, México and Spain. Recently she has open the door of USA market participating in “Homeland” the Fox TV series, with the character “Esme”.




Mario Pagano, with whom Iván has worked in other projects, it’s a filmmaker with experience in the audiovisual world, working like a director, screenwriter, cinematographer and producer. He has worked in Short Films, ads, music videos and TV. Between his film work is: WAY OUT , 7MF , SHOCK . This is his first film.

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