Play by Bernard-Marie Koltès // Premiere: Nov 2014, Badische Landesbühne

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“Drama on blood-soaked grounds – successful production of a modern Classic.” – Südwest Presse Online

“A parade of washed-up characters – a 90minute-assault on the audience’s state of mind.” – Fränkische Nachrichten

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“The play is simply about a place on earth. (…) Sometimes you encounter places which are, I won’t say reproductions of the entire world, yet a kind of metaphor… of life or aspects of life…”
(Bernard Marie-Koltès)

SPOOKY BUNCH turn Battle of Black and Dogs into a psycho-philosophical thriller, in which they anatomize the fears, dreams and hopes of its protagonists in a post-colonial African world. This production cuts off every moral or spiritual lifeline of its characters and hurls them into the darkness of the African bush, into the heart of a “game” where anybody may become anybody’s murderer.

I will never understand this god-damned country.