Tragedy by Friedrich Schiller // Premiere: Feb 2016, Badische Landesbühne

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Photos: Brem

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“Where other directors shipwrecked with modern productions of classical plays, Rahlfs demonstrates how tension packed and intense the power struggle between the two Queens Elisabeth and Maria can be in a modern setting.” – Burghauser Anzeiger

“Thrilling political thriller (…) The arrestingly effective stage design by Tommi Brem shows a center of power – quite literally a “House of Cards”, because the doors can only be opened with the busy officials’ identity cards.” – BNN

“The production impresses with the stunningly precise direction of the ensemble of actors.” – Mainpost

“Ingenious mise-en-scène.” – Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

“Sublimely acted, compellingly staged.” – Donaukurier

“Paolo Greco’s sacro-rennaisance sounds manage to build a bridge to the historical source.” – Mainpost

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"I actually believe that the dramatist should only extract from history the general situation and characters for his play ... and invent the rest freely." (Schiller as quoted from a letter to Goethe, August 1799)

With "Maria Stuart" SPOOKY BUNCH dare for the first time to tackle a beefy German Classic. They go straight to the core of the play by creating a stalemate situation: Mary, queen of Scots and Elizabeth, queen of England, are both captured – Mary physically, Elizabeth morally. Like chess pieces in a perfidious game of power they try to safeguard their integrity. But the "regime" does not sleep – the women are just the face of the empire; politics is made in the rear room. Schiller’s tragedy thus becomes an explosive metaphor for the political conflicts of the 21st century.

For ‘tis not justice,
but mere violence,
Which is the question
‘tween myself and England.