Play by Dennis Kelly // Premiere: Nov 2016, Badische Landesbühne (Studio)

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Photos: S. Ramm

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“That really takes it out of ya.” – BNN

“(Orphans) shows clearly that the ancient conflict between man and law, between family and state, is bang up-to-date. (…) Remarkable.” – Main Echo

“Disturbing chamber drama (…) A play, that inescapably pulls the audience down a steep slope into the abyss.” – Fränkische Nachrichten

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„I aim to portray my characters in a multi-layered manner, with all the human potential there is, regardless of whether it’s “good” or “bad”. It is important for us to see this, because it is a fiction that man is either good or bad.”(Dennis Kelly, quoted from “Jahrbuch Theater heute”, 2009)

“Orphans” marks the continuation of Spooky Bunch’s preoccupation with Contemporary Drama: Helen and Liam’s parents died during a house fire. First as kids, later as young adults they do their best to get by. While Helen manages – through discipline, social ambition and her marriage to Danny – to ascend to the middle-class, Liam’s “career” takes him to and fro between shitty jobs and petty crime. One spring night Liam appears in Helen’s and Danny’s living room… covered in blood. – The production trusts in the subtle symbolism of the simplest means and thus focuses on its trio of outstanding actors. Chamber drama, social piece, Boulevard play? “Orphans” transcends genres and takes the theatre back to its roots: pure conflict.

You’re full of blood, Liam