Tragedy by Euripides // Premiere: Nov 2009, International Festival for Stage Directing (aka FANTASIO) in Trento (Italy) 2nd Prize International Jury

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Fotos: Ivan Winterle


Guest-stage design: Franziska Smolarek

“The members of the international jury find the appropriate words: “Aesthetically speaking that was the most piece.” – Leipziger Volkszeitung

Wolf E. Rahlfs, about “The Bacchae” (Kraichgau TV, Dec 2009):


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"In the equity / justice of man there is mercy, but there is no mery in the equity / justice of nature.“
(Eric Robertson Dodds)

A bare stage: three actors, three spotlights, one guitar, a wreath of ivy. It doesn’t take more than that in this high-energy performance to unleash the destructive power of Dionysus. In The Bacchae SPOOKY BUNCH invent their own style of choric action and fully trust the archaic presence of the performers.

"Mother!, he screamed, It is me, Pentheus, you’re very own son, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!“