Play by Simon Stephens // Premiere: Feb 2011, Badische Landesbühne

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“Disturbing production of the assassination-drama Pornography. (…) Once again Rahlfs proves himself as an outstanding director of actors, who brings the best out of every performer and tells a thrilling story via its characters.” – Badische Neueste Nachrichten

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“My aim is to depict with all truthfulness the chaos in which we live. I want to understand, how people can sit on their roof-top terraces in Queens, while the towers are burning in Manhattan.“ (Simon Stephens)

SPOOKY BUNCH turn Simon Stephen’s “station drama” Pornography about the 2005 London tube-bombings into a theatrical panorama of solitude. In doing so they reflect the catastrophe in the heart of the City in the intimate crises of its desperate residents.

Images of hell – they are silent.