Blockbuster by Sibylle Berg // Premiere: Apr 2012, Badische Landesbühne

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Fotos: Empl

Soundtrack (excerpts):


“Just like a DJ on the mixer, Rahlfs pumps up the heat sky-high, only to suddenly catapult it into moments of spiritual revelation. These are scenes of intense emotional density.” – Badische Neueste Nachrichten

“Hardcore stuff for the audience, who is palpably in a state of shock.” – Fränkische Nachrichten

“Ugh, yulk!” – Ein Zuschauer

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Whoever puts security before freedom, is quite rightly a slave.
(paraphrasing Aristotle)

In Main Thing Labour! SPOOKY BUNCH set sails with eight employees of an insurance company, their boss and the motivational rat Frank. Using the platform of a work party, they present a grotesque social revue about exploitation, philistines and turbo capitalism. The no-name ladies and gentlemen of the no-name company form a choir of failures, while the rats take charge of the on-board affairs. Resistance is futile… or: Don't we all have phimosis.