Stage version: Tommi Brem & Wolf E. Rahlfs based on H. v. Kleist’s novella // Premiere: Sep. 2011, Badische Landesbühne
Nominated fort he INTHEGA theatre award “Neuberin” (2012)

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“Kleist’s language radiates above everything else.” – Fränkische Nachrichten

“This bold and courageous approach to ambitious world literature convinced 100%.” – Schwarzwälder Bote

“Aufmerksamkeit geweckt, Konzentration gefordert, Mitdenken unerlässlich.” – Südkurier

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„Toward the middle of the sixteenth century, there lived on the banks of the Havel a horse dealer by the name of Michael Kohlhaas, the son of a schoolmaster, one of the most upright and at the same time one of the most terrible men of his day.“
(Heinrich von Kleist, "Michael Kohlhaas")

SPOOKY BUNCH turn Kleist’s novella Michael Kohlhaas into an ensemble piece about rebellion and resistance. Four actors play the central character alternating swiftly and simultaneously play the remaining parts. The classic text constitutes the blueprint for a breathless performance, in which Kleist's virtuoso "boa-constrictor sentences" coalesce into a hard-boiled rap opera in a metal stage cage.

I am a man who is beyond help on earth.